Why Brands Should Not Ignore White Label ATM Branding Strategy Post Lockdown?

How ATMs Lubricate Rural Economy in India?

From 1969 to 2020, ATMs have had a glorious run of more than five decades. Over the years, automated teller machines have not only become smarter but also an essential part of our everyday lives.

While dispensing cash is the primary function, modern ATMs are equipped to perform a host of other banking activities. Such advanced teller machines are proving highly resourceful at times like these when the country is reeling from the COVID-19 lockdown.

Even though the country is aggressively moving towards a digital economy, ATMs continue to enjoy widespread popularity as they can also function as an effective way for businesses to advertise their products and services.

Post-Lockdown Business RevivalMeasures like lockdowns are integral to contain the spread of novel coronavirus. But the pandemic and the stringent lockdown implemented in India has had a profound impact on the businesses. As per a report in Economic Times, the businesses in India may lose summer sales to the tune of Rs. 30,000 crores due to the extended lockdown.

But, once the lockdown is lifted, and the sanctions are eased business revival would be the most critical goal for every organisation. Brands would be looking for innovative ways to market their offerings. While digital strategy would be an integral part of the marketing endeavours, brands must not miss out on the new yet powerful media avenue , ‘ATM branding’. Agile brands looking to tap into high potential markets, small business who cannot afford to pay a massive sum on paid media outlets, all brands big or small can explore this innovative advertising solution.

Why White Label ATM (WLA) Branding?ATMs have proven their worth over the years. While card-based transactions and digital payments are rising, ATMs continue to be the go-to option for people wanting to withdraw money. Cash continues to be the king, especially in the semi urban and rural parts of the country where digital penetration is low.

Here is why ATM branding an excellent option for businesses currently working on their post-lockdown revival strategy.

Top Benefits of WLA ATM Branding

  • Unmatched Brand Reach to over 1 crore users every month

    There are currently 2.3 lakh+ ATMs in India. While they are more widely spread in metropolitan areas of the country, WLAs (White Label ATMs brands) are now widening their footprint in untapped and underserved semi urban and rural areas to provide ease of cash accessibility to masses. What is interesting is White Label ATM players have combined their extensive ATM network reach and ATM engagement strength, to offer brands a powerful DOOH advertising platform. Brands can advertise across the WLA network and multifold their brand reach and engagement in high potential, untapped semi urban and media dark rural catchments.

  • ~ 120 seconds of brand engagement with carded consumers

    Be it withdrawing cash or performing any other banking activity, no other form of marketing grabs the attention of consumers like ATMs do. At least for 120 seconds, the teller machine and the ATM room have the complete undivided attention of the users. It should not be very complicated for marketers to understand how this could be used to their advantage be it creating a strong brand presence in the ATM room, engaging the prospects through targeted and regional ATM screen advertising, driving leads, sales by extending SMS based offers and coupons. There are exciting possibilities for a brand to tap the high potential geographies all one requires is to tap into this highly engaging media with creativity.

  • Cost-Effective Marketing

    Marketing is now an expensive affair. Be it television, print media, or digital platforms; advertising is only getting costlier. In comparison, ATM advertising that extends to brands a unique combination of unmatched reach and targeted engagement proves to be a cost effective yet powerful DOOH media platform. Combined with its ability to directly interact with the consumers, it makes for an ideal choice for brands and media planners to look at this DOOH media avenue to amplify their campaign reach and impact. Right from big players across categories like e-commerce, FMCG, agricultural products, financial services, automobile brands to even local or regional players looking at driving brand recall and footfall, ATM advertising makes for a promising media mix for a brand’s marketing strategy.

ATM Branding: A New Tool for Your Marketing ArsenalThe COVID-19 outbreak is unforeseen, and business revival post-lockdown would also need marketing strategies that are unique, inventive and cost effective. As ATMs continue to play an essential role in the daily life of potential consumers, they could be innovatively used by brands to market their offerings and reach out to masses.

All one needs is a smart outlook to unlock the ATM branding potential in an effective way for businesses to revive their operations after lockdown. Do not underestimate this medium!