Top 5 benefits of ATM Branding in Unlock Phase!

As one of the most potent forms of advertising, ATM branding is now being considered by several banks, FMCG, E-Comm, NBFCs, and businesses in India. Apart from its effectiveness in relaying brand/product messages, it is also one of the most cost-efficient ways for commercial entities to reach newer areas and engage with potential customers in an extremely captive environment.

Reputable WLA (White Label ATM) providers have an extensive network of ATMs across the country, predominantly in high potential rural and semi-urban areas. Thus, providing brands a tactical gateway to tap these locations and even media dark markets, with their ATM branding services.

While brands are exploring cost effective ways to reach and engage with their prospects post lockdown, ATM branding can be a powerful media mix for brands to harness the mediums benefit for achieving their brand campaign objectives.

Top 5 Benefits of ATM Branding that your brand can unlock!

1. Unmatched Brand Reach in High Potential Markets

As a brand, whether your marketing goal is to increase your brand reach, drive brand awareness or drive sales in new markets, you can immensely benefit from ATM branding. With WLA players having a vast network of ATMs with dense penetration in high potential semi-urban and rural geographies, you can pick and choose the exact locations to market your offerings backed with multi-facet advertising opportunities available across the ATM rooms.

Right from high footfall markets, bus stands, residential catchments, the WLA ATMs can help brands with unmatched brand reach to tap potential carded customers. Brands can create and curate region-specific, catchment specific, localised campaigns and deliver it to the audience in the most emphatic way.

2. A Good Outdoor Visibility Media

Inherently, ATMs follow the Retail model and are deployed at high footfall markets, residential catchments. The tactical location of the ATM rooms makes it a powerful media option to amplify your Outdoor Visibility. The external fascia of the ATM rooms serves as an excellent location for brands to advertise themselves with curated brand creatives to grab eyeballs of users and passing traffic.

From spreading the brand message to promoting products or services, banks and businesses can use the glass facade of ATMs in several interesting ways to maximise their brand exposure and reach.

3. Maximise Engagement with ATM Screen Branding – ~ 120 Secs of Undivided Attention

Visual storytelling is one of the most effective modes of marketing. Brands can take advantage of the ATM screen advertising to engage with the high captive audience be it amplifying their campaign reach, extending product offers and coupons via the screens, generating leads etc. Increasingly multiple E-Commerce, Automobile, Telecom, FMCG players are leveraging the power of ATM screen branding cum in- room branding for their tactical big sale campaigns to drive traffic and offer dispensation.

ATM users are entirely focused when they are withdrawing money from the teller machine. This period of approx. 120 seconds, when the teller machine has the complete undivided attention of the users, can be an excellent opportunity for brands to engage with potential customers and increase brand recall value significantly. Bottomline is that the ATM screens play a vital role in driving brand awareness and driving brand consideration too!

4. ATM Machine & In-Room Branding for establishing your brand presence!

The ATM machine itself and ATM room walls can be branded to grab the attention of the walk-ins to reinforce your brand message.

Creatively designed ATM machine branding can be a focal brand touchpoint for the prospect well complemented by the in-room wall branding. Both the branding touchpoints work in tandem to optimise your brand visibility and play a vital role in advancing the customer journey to drive brand consideration.

Unlock ATM Branding for Your Brand!

Post lockdown where brands are looking at cost effective media solutions to maximise their brand reach and engagement, ATM branding definitely can provide brands with a competitive edge. The medium itself is highly promising and is witnessing traction from cross industry brands. Brands can unleash the power of this medium by tapping ways to maximise the impact of their ATM branding strategy with the choice of right ATM locations that fit into their marketing strategy backed with curated smart creative campaigns that work for the ATM environment to drive impact.

Make a smart move and unlock the benefits of ATM advertising for your brand.