The Untapped Power of ATM Advertising for Hyperlocal Targeting of Customers

There was a time when brands followed the ‘Law of large numbers’ and advertised on traditional media to reach their audience. But with the clutter in traditional media, brands are now seeking hyperlocal targeted advertising that will yield more productive results. Hyperlocal targeting of customers is now possible through ATM branding & this type of marketing interaction has witnessed a 40% rise which covers small businesses, shops, doorstep services, grocery, food, and much more.

ATM advertising has the potential to be a gamechanger, by providing an immersive experience to the captive target audience. It has the capability to run static, gif and videos on the screen in 11 languages.

How marketers can leverage ATM advertising:

All marketers are looking for a unique way to reach their audience. They can now leverage ATM advertising to relay the message to their audience by choosing:

  • Catchment areas: Choose ATMs based on their location such as; Colleges, Bus Stands, Corporate, Residential etc
  • Day Parts – Increase your brand visibility by advertising based on the day part; such as morning, afternoon, evening, peak hour, non-peak hour etc.
  • Age & Gender: Gain attention from young adults to senior citizens based on your product offering.
  • Specific Dates: The first week of every month is the salary week which witnesses the maximum transaction. You can choose to advertise only on the first week of every month to gain maximum mileage from the campaign.

ATM Advertising – Power of 3 mediums in 1

You can now take the advantage of three mediums – Outdoor, In-room and Digital in one medium. Indicash brings ATM AdNext – a powerful media ATM advertising network that is an amalgamation of 3 mediums together, as listed below: 

  • Outdoor visibility media: Bring about awareness of the product with Glass Façade branding at the ATMs and amplify your brand visibility in high footfall locations.
  • In-room Advertising: It is an exceptional channel to seize customer attention. Grab undivided attention of carded customers for 120 seconds when the customer is in the ATM room with high impact In-room and machine branding.
  • Digital advertising: Influence purchase decisions by advertising across 8000 plus digital ATM screens. This technique enables a brand to drive reach and engage with customers through SMS based offers, discount coupons and QR codes.

Hyperlocal service model in the form of ATM advertising can prove to be a disruptor as the model is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.9% to reach $3,634.3 billion from 2021 to 2027. Leverage India’s largest ATM advertising network Indicash ATM AdNext to amplify your brand’s footprint.