ATM Franchise

Be an Indicash ATM Franchise owner and increase your income with a minimal investment of ₹2 lacs.
TCPSL will deploy the ATM at your site and offer 24 X 7 support to manage and run the ATM operations.

Request you to please fill in your details

1. Are you willing to make an initial investment of ₹2 lacs for ATM Franchise?      

2. Do you have an existing business?      

3. Do you have experience or currently have an ATM Franchise?      

4. Is your business banking related? (e-Seva Kendra, Micro ATM etc)      

5. Are you a Master Franchisee? (handling more than 10 ATM Franchisees)      

6. Are you an ATM Engineer or have prior Cash Management experience?      

I understand that this is not a rental proposition but an ATM Franchise business opportunity.
Yes, I consent to receive occasional email with updates on services, market trends, and other information from Tata Communications Payment Solutions Ltd., that may be of value to me. I also consent to have the Tata Communications Payment Solutions representative contact me.