ATM Services

Indicash offers a host of ATM services to its users

In case of any card, cash, and transactions related issues or complaints, please immediately contact the branch of the card-issuing bank where your account is maintained or its helpline. This also can be accessed by visiting the card issuing bank’s website or by referring to the backside of the debit/atm card.

Indicash ATM services for Carded users
All Bank Cards
Cash Withdrawal
Balance Enquiry
Mini Statement
Pin Change
Fast Cash
Enjoy all ATM services, just like any other bank ATM:
  • Customers of all banks in India can enjoy services like cash withdrawal, balance enquiry, mini statement, and pin change.
  • Accepts all domestic debit cards* issued by banks in India. Cards issued outside India are not accepted.
  • Intuitive user interface with multilingual messaging for ease of usage for consumers across various regions.
  • Privacy screen filters, keypad shields, electronic surveillance for completely secure transactions.
  • EMV Enabled dip ATM Machines to ensure that cards are not swallowed.

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