5 things you need to know to be an Indicash ATM Franchisee

Today, several private companies are looking to diversify and expand their presence at an optimal cost. Industry verticals like health beauty, education, food and fashion have been specifically leveraging the concept of franchising to spur growth. According to the IFA report, an investor is projected to earn 20-40%*of return on investment (ROI) by becoming a franchisee.

Another option today is to become an ATM franchise owner. With Indicash ATM Franchise, you have the potential to earn an ROI of up to 33% in the first year itself. As an ATM franchisee owner, you earn by operating and managing Indicash ATMs. Indicash is one of India’s largest White Label ATM operator. It is managed by Tata Communications Payment Solutions, which is a subsidiary of Tata Communications Ltd.

The Indicash ATM Franchise business model is a high margin, minimal investment and asset lite business opportunity, whereby you can earn with every cash and non-cash transaction.

Here are the five pre-requisites to become an Indicash ATM Franchisee:

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: You should possess an entrepreneurial spirit to run and grow the business with complete ownership. As an Indicash ATM Franchisee, you need to have sound personal and business credentials.
  • Minimum Investment: Having adequate capital is necessary to minimize the financial risk associated with starting a new business. To start with the ATM franchise business, you would need to invest a minimal amount of ₹ 5 lacs *subject to franchisee’s investment plan (Inclusive of *refundable security deposit)
    *Refundable security deposit excludes asset logistics and one-time maintenance cost.
  • Commercial Space in high footfall location: To ensure efficient operations, you need to identify the right ATM site. The commercial space should have high visibility and attract higher footfalls. To be a part of the Indicash ATM Franchise business model, you need to have a commercial space of up to 80 sq. ft. located in a high footfall location that has the potential to tap carded customers providing easy cash accessibility, as well as multi-facet advertising opportunities.
  • Ability to manage and monitor daily operations: To run a successful Indicash ATM franchise business, you need to manage daily ATM operations encompassing timely cash loadings, first-level maintenance (FLM), promoting the ATM, among others. Indicash provides adequate training and support periodically.
  • Complete Ownership to drive ATM Uptime: As an ATM Franchisee partner, you need to take complete ownership and maximize ATM uptime by managing all site-related activities, including site upkeep, regular maintenance, machine maintenance etc. A franchisee also needs to ensure the ATM operations are managed efficiently post-launch in accordance with the guidelines set by the brand.

To partner with Indicash, you would need to choose between the proposed business model: 

Onsite Model- Under this model, you can choose among the listed Indicash ATM sites that are up for adoption to start the franchise business. Indicash has over 6500 ATMs spread over 4000 Towns and villages in 21 states. Indicash offers a wide scope to choose from for the franchisee business.

Offsite Model: Under this model, you can propose your self owned or leased property of 60-80 sq ft in high footfall locations. Once the site is shortlisted, you can sign the contractual agreement and start with the business process.

(The contract includes a lock-in period of a minimum of one year where a clawback of ₹ 1 lac will be applicable in case the Franchise partner exits the business within a year.)

Given the low potential of ATMs in the country, about 22 ATMs in one lac population, ATM franchise business is a lucrative business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. With an ATM franchise business, entrepreneurs can earn with every cash and non-cash transaction.

Start your ATM franchise business with Indicash and be the growth partner today!

Source: *https://www.franchiseindia.org/pdf/IFA-white-paper.pdf